Free IP announcements / BGP Sessions

BGP announcement of your own IP space is available on any of the servers in our New Zealand facility.
We support BGP sessions for both IPv4 and IPv6 throughout our New Zealand network.

Having a new BGP session created and your IP addresses routed is 100% FREE, simply Get in Touch, or open up a support ticket to start the process.
If you do not have your own ASN, that's ok, we will be able to announce your IP space on our ASN (AS61138) for free, and have them routed to your servers.

You will also be able to distribute your multiple or single blocks of IP space between multiple services you have with us. Such could include Cloud VPS servers, dedicated servers or colocated servers.

Our ASN is 61138.
For more information about our network, see our Network Page

If you have any other questions about BGP / IP announcements, how we provision our network and set up the sessions, or looking for something custom, feel free to Ask Us

Auckland, New Zealand

Datacenter / Network

Having our own network in the heart of Auckland, peered with New Zealands most connected upstreams and equipped with enterprise grade hardware our New Zealand location is perfect for reliable and fast Asia Pacific hosting services

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