Johannesburg, South Africa

Datacenter / Network

Zappie Host is a registered AfriNic member and LIR with our own network internet resources. We maintain and run our multi-gigbit South African infrastructure over our ASN: AS61138

Based in the busiest city in South Africa, our Johannesburg network and hosting location is hosted in an a World-Class, Eco-Friendly and Award-Winning Datacenter. Connected to INX-ZA and NAPAfrica (Internet Exchange Points), our hosting services in South Africa ensure the fastest and most reliable connectivity in the African region

Zappie Host utilises the award-winning, energy efficient datacenter facilities in Samrand. The facility is not in a direct flight path or low lying area and is centrally located between Johannesburg and Pretoria with a major power substation close by.

Johannesburg, South Africa Datacenter

We use technology-driven measures to provide perimeter, building and access-control security. The perimeter fence is backed by high voltage barriers, the latest video surveillance technology and response systems. All outdoor and indoor access zones, including colocation racks, are monitored by video surveillance.

Datacenter Features

VESDA fire detection system deployed
Biometric access
Security personnel on site 24/7
A and B feeds power infrastructure
PoP for INX-ZA
Temperature and humidity management

Offered Services

  • Cloud Linux VPS Servers
  • Cloud Windows VPS Servers
  • Dedicated Servers

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If you still have any further queries or questions, or simply want to know if we can accommodate a custom solution for you, feel free to get in touch with us.

Johannesburg, South Africa Datacenter